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Verify niche and product ideas, see trends, find unsaturated opportunities, get sourcing options, improve your listing quality.
Product Database & Product Tracker
Filter through 550 million products to find ones with high profit potential in only a few clicks.
Keyword Search & Reverse ASIN Lookup
Get all the competitor's keywords and find your own. Use them for the listing's title, bullets, description, backend keywords, and PPC campaigns to sell your product.
Keyword Tracker
See the organic position and monitor rankings to run PPC with high output keywords.
Quick View
See product sales data as if you were the seller instantly, right on the search results page.
Seller's Course
Full and actionable knowledge on how to start selling profitable products in less than 3 months.
12 Monthly Trend Reports
Reports with Monthly Product Trends, Profitable Niches, Amazon News, Insights and Tips on Maximizing Profit ($499 value)
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7 Products Perfect for New Amazon Sellers
High demand low competition products that don't need advanced marketing to make $1,000+ per month ($99 value)
Niche Selection Checklist
a PDF guide that will teach you how to find low competition, profitable niches on Amazon ($49 value)
Amazon Business Launch Blueprint
Tips on product discovery, sourcing, listing creation, product launch and scaling your business ($99 value)
US Suppliers Websites List
Start selling this month using local suppliers. Test and launch your products more quickly and with simple shipping ($99 value)
7- Figure seller's toolbox
For sourcing products on Amazon from big name brands with outreach script, email templates, and more ($99 value)
"How to beat your competition on Amazon every time" PDF guide
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A Pay Per Click advertisement Self-Audit Guide
will help you to increase the return on ad budget for your PPC campaigns ($99 value)
'Sell Business for 7-figures' Ebook
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Save $3,200+
AMZScout toolset