Sellics & AMZScout all-in-one solution to start a business on Amazon
Get super-hot ready-to-go products,
All-in-One Seller's Toolset and Step-by-Step Seller's Course
As e-commerce experts who have collected big data about sales trends, we at AMZScout have developed tools to help thousands of new sellers to find the most profitable Amazon products based on solid sales statistics.

Sellics is the leading All-in-One software dedicated to increasing organic traffic, automating PPC campaigns, tracking profits on Amazon and much more. By partnering with them, we have created new opportunities for starting and scaling business both for beginners and professional Amazon sellers.
We consider AMZScout to be the best product research tool ever. We recommend it to our clients as an effective tool for starting and scaling sales on Amazon.
AMZScout provides the expertise and
the tools that you need to start selling on Amazon
The knowledge that you need to get your sales growing:
Step-by-Step Course
Learn how to find, source, market, and sell a product on Amazon.
7-figure Seller Masterclasses
Learn how to find, source, market, and sell a product on Amazon.
Product Research Tools to find $9,000+/mo GEMS:
Product Database
Find profitable products to sell on Amazon by filtering through millions of products in just a few clicks!
PRO Extension
Legendary product research tool that allows you to quickly get an estimation of product potential and competition level based on solid sales stats. It also provides sales history and other data, allowing for a thorough product check before you invest in it.
Product Tracker
Record everyday product performance to evaluate product potential and keep an eye on your competition.
Ready to go products and niches
Amazon Opportunities and Trend Reports
with tips about increasing your sales.
Most profitable products for your niche
whose sales are growing explosively.
Top hype products and top products
less than $1 with most hot sales.
Keyword Research Tools to market your product:
Amazon Keyword Search
Find thousands of relevant keywords for your product listing to maximize customer flow from Amazon search results.
Keyword Tracker
Get the most sales from your ad budget by precisely monitoring how you rank on advertised keywords!
Reverse ASIN Lookup
Enter an ASIN number and receive all of the Keywords a product is ranked for! With this, you can estimate product demand by how often it is searched for or copy existing keywords to catch up to your competitors.
All-in-One Seller's Toolset and Step-by-Step Seller's Course