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«How to Sell on Amazon» Beginner's Course
Thousands of sellers have used this very course to wrap their head around selling on Amazon, and start a successful Amazon career!
1 hour and 40 minutes of solid info and know-how for beginning sellers!
Types of products to avoid as a beginning seller
The qualities of a good product
Where to look for product ideas
Making a product your own
Finding a supplier and getting a prototype
Testing your prototype and bringing it to market
After the course, you will see how easy it is for everyone to sell on Amazon!
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See trends, find unsaturated opportunities, get sourcing options, and improve your listing quality
Products with massive 90% Margins
Get a list of 8 fantastic, high-margin products that cost you less than $1 when purchased from the manufacturer, and are sold for $10 or more on Amazon!
Affordable and with huge margins, these products are excellent ideas for new sellers who want to try things out.
Hype Products Report
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